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According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, nearly 10.4 million firms are owned by women generating $1.9 trillion in sales. Yet, only 3% of all women-owned firms have revenues of $1 million or more compared with 6% of men-owned firms.

U.S. Census data show that 46% of women-owned businesses are tiny enterprises with revenue of less than $10,000 per year, compared with 30% of men-owned businesses.

It’s time for a change ladies! There is a way to improve the dismal economic stats. It’s called cross marketing.

At its essence, cross marketing is nothing more than joining forces with compatible companies so that everyone involved can more effectively capitalize on each others’ existing client base.

Join forces with women around the globe to declare your independence from expensive and fruitless marketing strategies by taking part in the $1 Million Cross Marketing Challenge.

You will receive a directory of businesswomen interested in cross marketing, ideas and tips on how to cross market, virtual networking opportunities on a private network, inclusion in live tele-networking events, tools to cross market, information on programs offered by Marketing 2 Women International, and your profile included on the .com blog.

What’s the cost to register? $10!

The price of participation is minimal since you will be helping us by spreading the word about the $1 Million Cross Marketing Challenge.

What percent do you want to be a part of? The 3% with a $1 million in sales or the 46% making less than $10,000?

If you want to be a part of the top 3%, then register to participate in the $1 Million Cross Marketing Challenge. You will benefit from your alliance with Marketing 2 Women International while connecting with other women interested in cross marketing. If you are staying home this summer due to the high cost of gas, you might as well have great time meeting women from around the globe whose clients can use your products and services. More Info & Networking Schedule