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Get a High Powered Digital Newsroom on WomenPartner.org

WomenPartner.org is conducting a one week do-it-yourself digital media kit development workshop for 10 businesswomen.

Stand out from the crowd on the Internet by positioning yourself in front of key female decision makers with a branded News Pod, a one page high powered digital newsroom ($600 value), on WomenPartner.org. Whether you run a women’s business group, have a  direct sales team, provide key business services, sell business products, or publish a magazine, you will benefit from having a prominent presence on WomenPartner.org to collectively showcase your business associates and key clients.  To see an example of a News Pod, visit http://bit.ly/zYXKfe.

The Details

WomenPartner.org will work with you to boost your PR SEO during a one week workshop to develop and organize your press releases, company profiles, videos, podcasts, blog/social media feeds and special events into your one page News Pod as well as cross pollinate your info with the participants who took part in our January 1st PR blitz.  You will be able to add the link to your News Pod in your SIG file to publicize the power house aspects of your business.

I met Jerrilynn through Pink Link Pages over the Christmas holidays when I joined her New Years Day Blitz. Through WomenPartners.Org I have been introduced to dozens of women entrepreneurs and have made many other connections through groups that she suggested on LinkedIn. Several weeks ago I took advantage Jerrilynn’s News Pod offer. I can’t even begin to tell you what this has done for me. Through her hard work she has developed an amazing News Pod that is ranked #1 on Google in several targeted cities. It has absolutely blown me away. Jerrilynn accomplished in a few weeks what would have taken me months of blogging to accomplish, and even that is questionable. I can’t thank her enough. Jerrilynn has managed to connect all of my resources and make them viable. You Rock Jerrilynn!

Kathleen Hegenberger
iZigg 90210 News Pod

Business Buzz Membership Included in the Cost of the Workshop

The cost to participate is only $129.99.  It includes a week of personal support and brainstorming to develop / organize the content for your media kit, branded News Pod and a one year WomenPartner.org Business Buzz membership.  Participation is limited to 10 people.  The first 5 people to register will have their Business Buzz membership converted to a two year membership.  

  • Detailed full page business profile that includes your cross marketing and joint venture preferences. ($150 value)
  • Complimentary submission of one 300 word press release to start generating a buzz. You will get a $25 discount on all subsequent press release submissions (reg. $75).  You will be able to earn complimentary PR submissions every month.
  • Advance notice of women business clusters forming in your area so you can share the costs of marketing and advertising services with virtual as well as brick & mortar companies to grow your female client base.
  • Complimentary Hire-A-Businesswoman postings to advertise your job openings. ($50 value per listing)
  • Company link on the Hire-A-Businesswoman page. ($100 value)
  • Exhibition alerts to let everyone know where you will be exhibiting so they can visit your booth and or share the cost with you. ($50 value per announcement)
  • Featured columnist spot if your industry or expertise is not currently represented on WomenPartner.org. (By invitation only)
Pay $129.99 Now via Google Checkout to Lock in Your Spot Or Ask Us to Invoice You
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