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 Hold on to Your Business Profits by Reducing Your Out of Pocket Marketing Costs

At its essence, cross marketing is nothing more than joining forces with compatible companies so that everyone involved can more effectively capitalize on each others’ existing client base. It’s the synergistic affect from the pooling of resources to work together towards a common goal that makes cross marketing so effective.

  • You can create your own virtual business community where you find complementary companies to fill the business and personal needs of your collective client base.
  • Instead of buying ad space by yourself, you can partner with two or more companies to share the cost and let your target audience know that you are there for them during these tough economic times.
  • Do you own a brick & mortar business? You can partner with companies in your close proximity to give open houses, place small display signs in each others’ check out areas, host networking events, etc.
  • Are you going to a women’s networking event that has a steep price? Offer to promote your business associates in a print directory  for a nominal fee that you put together to pass out compliments of your business.  It can serve as a networking tool.  People love it when you give them something instead of “hitting” on them when you first meet them.  You can create the directory yourself using your computer and attractive  folders from Office Depot or Staples.
  • Need a video created for your business and your marketing budget is low?  Offer to include an ad for your associates at the end of the video in exchange for them covering a portion of the cost.
  • Do you want to upgrade your web site to reflect your powerhouse status?  Gather a few of your clients and associates to purchase advertising on your site to cover the costs.
  • Need to give your retail space an interior design makeover?  Sell advertising that can be played on your big screen TV as well as placed strategically throughout your business without being obtrusive to cover the costs.
  • Is it time to get new brochures for your business?  Don’t skimp.  Go first class by getting your associates to list themselves on the inside back cover as a resources for a nominal fee.

Jerrilynn’s business passion is facilitating lucrative cross marketing partnerships between complementary business and professional women so they can strategically expand their female client base while reducing the amount of time and money it takes to market their companies.  Her web site http://WomenPartner.org showcases women who are interested in forging cross marketing partnerships to grow their female client base. Follow her on LinkedIn, Google+, and  Facebook.