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About Me: I am more a teacher than a healer…I teach you how to turn on your body’s healing mechanisms… I have degrees & designations in a wide variety of healing modalities : Ph.D. in Psychology, Dr of Natural Medicine, Metaphysicist, Master Herbalist, and many others.

My first passion is science…I love research…my second passion is teaching…I love to teach what I’ve has learned. I’ve proffed at various universities and now teach in a variety of: companies, institutes, private & public schools and organizations. I have a significant tract record of positive, recognized results in short periods of time: physically, mentally, and energetically.

Mission: To increase awareness and understanding of how to maximize health and wellness rather than manage disease and symptoms.

Vision: To teach people to use your pantry, foods and herbs to maximize your capacity to function at your optimal levels; to teach people the use and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs; to teach the leading edge science of health.

USP: I have a unique collection of degrees and desginations across all aspects of health and from healing modalities around the world. As a scientist I can weed out the MLMs that are not of great value.

Top Products & Services: I am both a psychologist & Dr of Natural Medicine; I provide products that turn on your cell’s capacity to heal at a genetic level; I provide nutrient dense foods that people love to eat. My specialties …

Alternative Medicine:

Top Health & Wellness expert in the Greater Vancouver Area DNM®, Master Herbalist, Ayurvedic Physician, Nutritionist, REBA Homeopathy, Reflexology.
Mobile Health Clinic in the Greater Vancouver Area

Psychology: cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, interpersonal, hypnotherapy, EMDR, OEI Metaphysicist: Reiki, Theta, Biofield, Therapeutic Touch

My Ideal Client: Educated women between the ages of 30 & 60 who are fed up managing symptoms and want to eliminate the cause of disease and dysfunction in their bodies and the ones they love.

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Types of companies and professionals I’m interested in cross marketing with … Health practitioners that are interested or want to learn about leading edge health sciences, companies, church, athletic groups, organizations that want someone to come in and teach health & wellness; myths & misconceptions in health; etc.

Interested in sharing the cost of: Online ads

What I bring to the table to make a cross marketing partnership a success … Many networking groups online – LinkedIn and websites product sample sharing

Vancouver, BC V2X 0L9
North America – Canada
Metropolitan Area: Vancouver, BC

About my women’s market: While the economy has slowed down, Canada has one of the best banking systems in the world and so isn’t suffering like many others are. We are considered the networking/entreprenaur capital of N.America and consequently don’t have alot of major corporations. We have alot of work on infrastructure going on; realestate is still moving; and we have natural resources. City Pop: 96000 www.mapleridge.ca

604 764 5203

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