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CEO, Chief Empowerment Official / Health and Wellness Education

About Me: I am affectionately known as the #1 self esteem mentor who gives life a new meaning™. My life is a reflection of my passion and mission. I am founder and director of 3 businesses that supported my personal career growth and development in the work that I wanted to do in each phase of my life. Beginning my career as a Social Worker moving on to healthcare as a Naturopath Doctor, a business owner and entrepreneur, which has lead me to my new found career as Life Transformation Mentor and Strategist.

Living my passion through my work for several decades, has afford me the recognition of being a leading authority on stress maintenance and self esteem building for women, an author, acclaimed speaker, accomplished Naturopath Doctor, Master Reflexologist, educator, media personality, mentor, and consultant who has helped thousands of women make healthy stress-free life style changes in their personal and professional lives.

Company Mission: Creating dreams for women with low self-esteem one woman at a time through training, mentoring and support network services.

Company Vision: Empowering women to Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable with a new attitude that says I’m Beautiful, Bold, Confident, Fearless, Happy, Powerful, Sexy and Successful

USP:  We listen to our clients… We work directly one-on-one with our clients… We empower our clients to become self-sufficient…. We support our clients in sharing their success and accomplishment with others

Top 3 Products & Services

Training Program: The Feminate Factor Educational System, a self development training program, for women with low self esteem, on How to Take Back Control of Your Life; Membership Program: The Evolving Butterfly Support Network; Book: The Courage to Be Yourself: How to Be a Powerful, Confident Successful Woman

Ideal client / customer:   Women over 45 dealing with life issues related to economic lose because of divorce and/or career changes. They are Single working mothers, Divorced, Empty Nesters, Widows and Retired Women

Are you looking for clients locally, statewide, regionally, nationally or globally?  Focus is on women worldwide.

Types of companies and professionals I’m interested in cross marketing with …  Military Women (Retired and Enlisted) Support Services, Mental Health Counselors, Psychologist; Global Women’s Health Services and Organizations

Interested in sharing the cost of:  Expos; online ads; audio marketing, teleseminars and conferences

What local business groups do you belong to?

Current Marketing Using: Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook); Onlin ( Email, Ads, Podcast, Articles); Media (Press Release; Radio/TV Interviews)

What I bring to the table to make a cross marketing partnership a success …

  • Open to placing samples in my customers’ bags
  • Have a large LinkedIn following
  • Large mailing list of women
  • Have a VA that can help promote joint campaigns
  • I’m a Radio Show host: will interview
  • Accept Guest Blog Post
  • Teleseminar Collaborations
  • Workshop and Conference Partnerships
  • Mailing List Sharing

Tell us about your city and it’s local business market.

  • The Nations Capital Business Market: Federal and local Government
  • Population; Washington DC 604,888 Washington, DC Metro area 5.3 million
  • Economic Picture: The District of Columbia economy is the 35th largest in the United States
  • Government leads all sectors of the economy with Professional and technical services coming in second
  • Jobs: Washington, DC Unemployment: 11.1 Washington, DC Metro Area Unemployment: 24.7.  Jobs are tight and scarce because the major employer is the Federal Government
  • Washington DC Women’s Business Center: http://www.dcwbc.org;  city’s web site: http://washington.org and http://dc.gov/DC

If you had the power, what would you change about your city’s business community?  Change the mindset of dependency on the government as being the only means to earning an income. Establish workable nonpolitical based connections with government that supports entrepreneurs, small and home base business as an economic recovery plan

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Metropolitan Area: Washington DC Metro Area
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