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The Local Women in Business Market of Salt Lake City, UT is Now Connected to WomenPartner.org.  

WomenPartner.org has successfully laid the foundation for its global hyper-local business news platform to facilitate lucrative cross marketing partnerships between women around the globe.  As part of phase two of its development, WomenPartner.org plans to answer to the question “How do I market my company to businesswomen in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney, and every other major metropolitan area around the globe using the local resources already in place instead of reinventing the wheel?” by molding its new members into spokeswomen to provide business intelligence about their local women in business market.

Businesswoman Joan Muschamp of LemonZest Marketing is now working with WomenPartner.org to develop a snapshot of how to market to businesswomen in the metro Salt Lake City area, while she plants the seeds of collaborative business relationships.  Utah’s women in business market in 2012 had an estimated 66,300 businesswomen and generated $11,395,300 in revenue.

As spokeswoman, Muschamp will lay the foundation for WomenPartner.org’s “Main Street Marketing to Women Initiative” to spark collaborative business relationships between virtual businesswomen, professional women and the women owned Main Street companies located in the Salt Lake City metro area by showing them how them to cluster so they can form mutually beneficial cross marketing partnerships to increase their profits while improving their local economies.

Muschamp will make it possible for businesswomen around the globe to research Salt Lake City and its women’s business market to find out who just opened a business; discover women owned brick & mortar companies open to cross marketing; access business programs in place to help women; uncover local marketing resources in place to reach the women in business market; identify who the influential business and professional women are; learn about the “must attend” local events to position their company in front of the women’s business market;  and more.

A fundamental part of growing my business is forming alliances to cross-promote to grow business.I am a firm believer in cooperation and the huge value of cross-promotion. The idea just totally fit my ideas and business model, so it simply made sense.  We are now moving to an age of collaboration and cooperation, driven by social media. Even the concept of “Cooptition vs. Competition” is moving inexorably to cooperation and collaboration. It’s about growing our businesses more easily.

But more importantly women simply must support one another to be the force we should be and not be undervalued in the market.Regardless of whether we are individually a prospect for one another, the chances of someone in each other’s network being so is very high. By cross-promoting we open the door for others to learn about one another. — Joan Muschamp

In addition to gathering information about her local women’s business market, Muschamp will provide local brick & mortar women owned business with complimentary directory listings; facilitate news partnerships between local women’s business groups and WomenPartner.org; lead a local women’s business cluster; give local interviews to promote the concept of cross marketing; and other buzz worthy tasks designed to help her company, LemonZest Marketing, stand out locally while she garners national and international exposure online to grow her female client base.

WomenPartner.org is conducting a drive to find women in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe to get involved and represent their city’s women in business market. Over 5,000 cities around the globe will be showcased on WomenPartner.org.

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