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Link Together With 1,000,000 Female LinkedIn Members

Have you noticed that the participation of women on LinkedIn has been decreasing? You see the same women posting every day. Your fantastic PR messages take a week or more to spark a tiny fire on the groups you post them on. With summer quickly approaching, it’s time for us to take a proactive approach to make LinkedIn pay off for us. Membership is growing everyday. Whereas membership was split evenly between men and women, women now make up 47% of LinkedIn’s membership.

47% of 160,000,000 members — 75,200,000 — are women!

What if we all join forces to grow our female LinkedIn connections by inviting 100 of our most entrepreneurial minded female connections to Link Up in celebration of Small Business Month (May 1 – 31) in preparation for Entrepreneur “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month which kicks off June 1? Imagine the type of business energy 1,000,000 powerhouse business women could generate by marketing together. We wouldn’t have to beat the bushes to find women for our events, web site launches, book launches, etc. In this economy, partnering can mean the difference between thriving and dying a long slow business death.

Lets Link Up!

Get involved in WomenPartner.org’s movement to help 1,000,000 business and professional women build collaborative business relationships in time for Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month. Follow the simple steps below. Please note that by getting involved, you are committing to inviting 100 of your top notch female LinkedIn connections to join our movement. Just direct them to this page (http://bit.ly/IAY3jI). All it takes is 100 women who in turn invite 100 women to join the movement for us to quickly reach the 10,000 mark. In turn if everyone you invited invites 100 women, we will quickly reach the 1,000,000 mark.

There is No Cost to Take Part in “Our 1,000,000 Woman Link Up”. Visit http://bit.ly/Nck11l to add yourself to the movement.