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Women Joining Forces to Ensure a Prosperous Summer

Imagine the type of business energy 1,000,000 powerhouse business women could generate by marketing together to grow their female client base. They wouldn’t have to beat the bushes to find women for their events, web site launches, book launches, etc.  In this economy, partnering can mean the difference between thriving and dying a long slow business death.” Women generate $5 trillion in buying power and account for 85 percent of all consumer purchases, including everything from vehicles to health care.

WomenPartner.org is spearheading a movement to bring 1,000,000 of LinkedIn’s most entrepreneurial minded female members together so they can forge collaborative business relationships to ward off slow sales this summer.

47% of LinkedIn’s 160,000,000 members — 75,200,000 — are women!

WomenPartner.org is inviting 100 of its female LinkedIn connections to join forces to lay the foundation for the 1,000,000 Woman Link Up.   They are following in her foot steps by inviting 100 of their top notch female connections to “Link Up” to the other women participating in the  1,000,000 Woman Link Up movement.  By the time the core group has their 100 accepted invitations, there will be 10,000 women involved.   They will duplicate the actions of the core group to catapult the movement to 1,000,000 female LinkedIn members who are able to interact without the boundaries instituted by levels.  The daily goal for everyone involved is to get 5 – 10 accepted invites.

Participation in the 1,000,000 Woman Link Up is win win for everyone involved.  It provides women with a reason to reach out to connections they are interested in doing business with in the near future while pulling them into a networking situation so they can engage in the “perfect soft sell”.  The most dynamic aspect is gaining access to women on LinkedIn that were previously out of reach because of level constraints.

Complimentary and low cost events will be conducted throughout the summer to help women involved in the movement to socialize and strategize.

The first event sparked by the 1,000,000 Woman Link was Marketing to Women Week (June 25 – 30).  Marketing to Women Week provided women with the opportunity to network in small groups and discuss ways to market to women in each other’s cities using the marketing resources already in place”. Visit http://mw2012.womenpartner.org for the highlights and spotlights.  Summer PR Parties will take over where Marketing to Women Week left off.  The 90 minute PR Parties will be given weekly Thursday, July 12 – August 30.  Each virtual PR Party will have 3 segments – introductions, interviews spread across 4 social networking sites and various blogs and a mini collaborative project designed to help participants bond.  Click here to register.

Pledge to Link Up This Summer with WomenPartner.org & 999,999 Other Businesswomen to Grow Your Female Client Base
  • Step 1: Sign our Business Pledge by clicking here to show your support for the movement and get exposure on our site.
  • Step 2: Join in the 1,000,000 Woman Link Up movement and register for our Summer PR Parties to interact via teleconference by clicking here.