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Every Small Businesses is looking for unique ways to differentiate from others in their field all the while reaching their target audience. Trish Aikman, CEO & Founder of BadAss Branding, has created a way to help businesses achieve that with the bonus of assisting local non-profits. By giving a portion of their advertising dollars to keep a charity in business creates a win-win-win situation.

BadAss Branding started as an acronym for Aikman’s unique “Branding and Development Assessment” Marketing Program. Being a former on-air personality and journalism/communications major, she created BadAss Branding Presents, a business-to-business talk show currently heard on BlogTalkRadio and her YouTube Channel, as another way to connect small businesses. She likens it to having a one-to-one conversation with an entrepreneur while having over 1000 eavesdroppers. taking networking to a whole new dimension.

To keep the interviews at no cost to the interviewee, BadAss Branding seeks sponsorships from other businesses. Being co-owner of another business that assists non-profits, Texas Charity Angels, Aikman is now tying in an “affiliate” program of sorts to the sponsorships. So now a business’ advertising dollars goes that extra mile of insuring non-profits can continue to do their good deeds while still getting the message of the small business heard to a target market they may not have originally thought of reaching or seeking out.

BadAss Branding seeks to interview a variety of business topics including her expertise in branding & marketing, as well as advertising, social media, websites, and even encouraging them to follow their passion. Advertisers can expect to receive that good feeling of helping a non-profit while having their business highlighted via various venues such as graphic image, spoken mini-commercial, social media and web presence. Demographics are not an issue since the internet is universal.
Learn more at www.BadAssBranding.net.