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Represent Your City During Marketing to Women Week 

The first woman from each city / zip code that registers for Marketing to Women Week will receive: Premium WomenPartner.org membership (reg. $129.99), sponsored City Page that contains details about their local women in business market and promote their joint Small Business Saturday®  marketing campaign along with banner ad (large cities will be broken down into zip codes); inclusion in the joint PR campaign for Small Business Saturday; 100 word news promo published on the Marketing to Women Week blog; and a complimentary pass for the local small business woman she is partnering with.  Pre-Early Bird Registration is only $99 for everyone who signs up before July 25.  Lock in your city now and begin receiving publicity for your participation in Marketing to Women Week. Click here to register.

Pitch WomenPartner.org to Write a Monthly Business Column

WomenPartner.org plans to build a resource section that is a one stop shop on how to market to women in specific business industries as well as ethnicites.  We are extending an invite to the women in business community who have years of knowledge and expertise to pitch us the concept for a monthly 300 word business column.  It can focus on how to market to female physicians, clothing store owners, Realtors, restaurant owners, spa owners, etc. as well as how to market to African American, Hispanic, Cuban etc., business and professional women.  For more details, click here.

1,000,000 Woman Link Up Brings Together LinkedIn’s Top Female Members

WomenPartner.org is spearheading a movement to bring 1,000,000 of LinkedIn’s most entrepreneurial minded female members together so they can forge collaborative business relationships to ward off slow sales this summer.  47% of LinkedIn’s 160,000,000 members — 75,200,000 — are women!  Participation in the 1,000,000 Woman Link Up is win win for everyone involved.  It provides women with a reason to reach out to connections they are interested in doing business with in the near future while pulling them into a networking situation so they can engage in the “perfect soft sell”.  The most dynamic aspect is gaining access to women on LinkedIn that were previously out of reach because of level constraints.  Join in the “Link Up” movement by clicking here and start networking today.

Summer PR Parties Sparked by Marketing to Women Week to Foster Collaborative Ventures

WomenPartner.org is conducting complimentary weekly Summer PR Parties every Thursday through  August 30 in which business and professional women are interviewed via 4 social networking platforms about their BIG news and key aspects about their business.  By participating in the fun virtual events, they are able to promote their events and companies, increase their followers, and prospect for new female customers.  Grab a friend and click here to register.

If you have questions about any of WomenPartner.org’s projects, click here.