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The next Marketing to Women Week event will be conducted September 17 – 21, 2012 as part of WomenPartner.org’s  “Main Street Marketing to Women Initiative”.  Participants will partner with a complementary local woman owned brick & mortar company to develop a joint Word of Mouth community driven campaign for Small Business Saturday® 2012 (November 24) to ensure both of their businesses stand out from the crowd on this fabulous business holiday.  Together they will provide women in their community with a unique shopping experience.   Each woman that registers for Marketing to Women Week will be given a City Page to showcase her local women in business market and promote her shopping party.

The business and professional woman planning the party will cross market with the woman owned business(es) she is supporting.  Her samples and business cards will be placed in the customer bags, they will tweet together and spotlight each other on Facebook, LinkedIn and G+.  They will create a joint thank message that is inserted in the bags as well in which they invite women come back in Dec. for another special event.

A Live On Air Google Hangout  can be streamed to YouTube on Small Business Saturday® to provide the shoppers with the opportunity to rave about the great deals and their shopping experience.  Shoppers will be asked to tweet a message while they are shopping or when they leave and include a special hash tag in order to add themselves to a special drawing.   They will receive a gift bag on their way out the store compliments of the local business and professional women participating in the shopping party.

Thirsty Girl Party will be added to the mix to make Small Business Saturday® 2012 even more fun.  A Thirsty Girl Party is simply women getting together to enjoy delicious bottles of wine and great conversation.  A wine tasting can be conducted during the shopping party (BYOB or shopping party participants chip in to buy wine to serve one glass to all the patrons during a one or two hour period as their gift) or the business and professional women who are a part of the shopping party can meet up at a restaurant after they finish shopping to replenish their strength with a great meal while they get to know each other better during a fun wine tasting session.

Register NOW to represent your city ASAP during Marketing to Women Week so you can begin prepping for Small Business Saturday® 2012.  Marketing to Women Week registration includes a premium WomenPartner.org membership (reg. $129.99), Sponsored City Page that contains details about your local women in business market and promote their joint Small Business Saturday® marketing campaign along with banner ad (large cities will be broken down into zip codes), inclusion in the joint PR campaign for Small Business Saturday, and 50 word news promo published on the event blog set up exclusively for Small Business Saturday®.

Pre-Early Bird Registration is only $99 for everyone who signs up before July 25.  Lock in your city now and begin receiving publicity for your participation in Marketing to Women Week. Premium membership includes publishing a press release, submitting a interview featuring the woman owned business you are partnering with during Small Business Saturday,® three sponsored content listings on complementary press releases and interviews submitted by other members so you can get more exposure, and much more.  Participation is limited to 100 women.

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  • After July 25, the cost will be $129.99.
  • The price will then be $149.99 after August 1.

The virtual event will utilize a teleconference line accessible via cell phone or VoIP.