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Doctors, lawyers and financial planners now have a marketing consultant who can help them get more business as visibility expert Sharon Klein, president of Choice Marketing Group, is offering marketing consulting services.

“People who are their own businesses can’t be assured of a steady stream of clients, so they need to keep their pipelines full at all times. I can help them,” Klein said of her new coaching and consulting services for small business and professional service firms. This marketing service is a natural outgrowth of her wildly successful promotional products business, which includes clients like Willis Group, Magic Inc. and Bankrate.com.

“Independent professionals usually have a tough time marketing because they think it is awkward to be a salesperson. But they also realize they must market if they want to get new clients,” said Klein, a sought-after speaker at meetings for business professionals in South Florida. She has spoken to groups like the Tower Club of Fort Lauderdale, American Business Womens Association, and Business and Professional Women on such topics as integrated marketing, client recognition and why promotional products are powerful.

“A lot of independent professionals have hit the wall and they need someone to consult with them and reassess their current brand. It isn’t just their logo. It could be about how they do their networking,” said Klein who has held leadership positions on numerous professional groups in Broward County and Palm Beach County.

“I’m getting my brain picked a lot. I’m giving great advice and I realized it was time to offer a formal service to midsized law firms and CPAs,” she said. “Unlike other consultants, I have deep knowledge of the issues that these professions are confronted with.”

Her services are geared for people who are the business and who don’t have a full-time marketing staff. She can provide guidance on business development, goal setting and brand assessment.

“We love doing the research. We love the idea of brainstorming with our clients based on the brand message they need to convey. No two projects are the same,” she said.

She says professionals ask:

  • What can a law practice do when its mission statement isn’t perceived correctly?
  • How can an introverted CPA network effectively?
  • How can I define my company’s message?

Professionals can find many free information services on her company’s website, including a promotional planning and budget guide.

Her clients enthusiastically endorse her services and her business advice.

“Sharon believes in Success through Branding. She is unmatched in her expertise. In this highly competitive industry she stands out above the rest with her passion, savvy, and ability to adapt to the ever-changing shifts in consumer preferences. The company that she founded has been advising Fortune 500 companies and leading Small Businesses for over 25 years. Her wisdom and experience make her a thought-leader in her field of Brand Consulting,” said Pablo Davidov, Ph.D., MBA, Strategic Advisor, U of Miami Adjunct Professor.

“Sharon understands Branding. Her company is extremely reliable and gives great value. Sharon differentiates us from the herd. We stand out because she stands out,” said Alison Gross, VP Global Head of Events, Willis Group.

For more information, go to http://www.choicemktgbranding.com.

SOURCE Choice Marketing Group