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Instead of just being a shopper this year, make Small Business Saturday® (Nov. 24) produce revenue for you by taking part in WomenPartner.org’s Marketing to Women Week (Sept. 17 – 21).

Are you a direct sales consultant who took a  casual stance last year during Small Business Saturday® by just posting info online and placing your brochures around town because you didn’t have physical location to display your products?  If so, your approach probably provided a small return on your time and financial investment.

Web designers, coaches, marketing consultants, etc., did you skip Small Business Saturday last year because you don’t sell the traditional items (clothing, toys, cosmetics, etc.) people are looking for when they do their holiday shopping?  If so, you missed out on a lot of revenue.   Small Business Saturday® is your opportunity to show your leadership skills so you can attract new clients.

Ladies take a proactive stance this year by partnering with a complementary woman owned Main Street business.  You can help each other generate revenue and show the economic power of the women in business market.  We can turn the economy around if we just join forces.   If you are in direct sales or own a home-based or virtual business, you don’t have miss out on the local revenue that will be flowing on Small Business Saturday®.

A woman’s clothing boutique will probably be at the top of the wish list of a lot direct sales consultants to cross market with on Small Business Saturday® to drive shoppers online to make a purchase from them.

  • Do you sell cosmetics and fragrances? Offer advice to customers about the best make up color schemes to complement their new outfit.  Ask them if they will be wearing the outfit for  a daytime or evening event and suggest a fragrance.  Give them a sample.
  • Do you sell jewelry? Suggest a piece of jewelry to complement the outfit.  Pass out a brochure or offer them a leaflet with a photo of the jewelry piece so it stays on their mind.
  • Do you sell food and beverage items? Offer suggestions for their holiday parties and Christmas dinner.  Pass out samples along with a tip brochure.
  • Do you offer weight loss and fitness items? Provide tips on how they lose weight quickly or keep weight off while still enjoying holiday food and goodies.
  • Do you sell children’s items? Create a mini display so the moms and grandmothers can see actual examples of your best sellers.  You could serve as their personal shopper by having them fill out a wish list so you can email a list of items that fit their budget.  Give them a little gift before they walk out the door so they will remember you.

All it takes is a little PR savvy  for Coaches, Consultants, Web Site Designers, etc. to tap into Small Business Saturday®.

  • Do you design web sites?  Partner with a local woman owned clothing boutique.  You could spruce up her site for free.  Then on Small Business Saturday you could do a joint promotion in which businesswomen shop to spruce up their image as well as grab a coupon to get 25% or more off a web site redesign.  Turn it into a mini networking event where businesswomen can drop off their business cards for the opportunity to win a complete web site redesign.  You could have a “station” where women can place their cards for the other businesswomen to pick up.
  • Do you offer marketing services?  Partner with a local coffee shop to provide a little marketing advice to the business owners who stop in to grab a muffin and a cup of coffee.  They can stop by your table to talk.   Your fold over business card with 3 – 4 tips could be placed in their bags.  As thanks for the shop owner allowing you to promote your business, you could spruce up their marketing materials for their Small Business Saturday campaign and invite your clients to stop in and support the business.
  • Do you offer coaching services to women who are overwhelmed by work and motherhood?  Partner with a store that sells children items to create a holiday survival guide for working mothers.  It can contain words of wisdom from you while spotlighting the store’s best selling items.  You can include a coupon to get discount on your services.   You can mobilize women in your city that offer goodies of interests to stressed out moms (fragrances, chocolate, cosmetics, massages, etc., to provide samples for a special goody bag that is given to the shoppers) in exchange for them promising to stop by on Small Business Saturday® to check out the sales.  You would actually drive traffic to the store to help the store owner as thanks while boosting your own visibility in the community.

These are just of the ideas we will be tossing around during Marketing to Women Week.  Don’t get left out this year during Small Business Saturday®.  Take part in Marketing to Women Week so you can benefit from the all of the PR American Express and the local media will be lavishing on this lucrative business holiday while helping a local woman owned business boost her revenue. Click here for an overview of a Marketing to Women activities.  Then register today to take advantage of the current early bird special.

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