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The shop local movement has taken hold in communities around the globe.  Business owners who have a physical storefront in the heart of a city are the prime beneficiaries of the foot traffic thanks to organizations, niche local web sites, credit card companies and the media urging the public to shop local.  Home-based, small and virtual businesswomen can get a piece of the foot traffic, revenue and PR too.


Home-based, small and virtual businesswomen can benefit from the movement by aligning themselves with a physical business owned by a woman this holiday season and provide a fresh spin on the shop local movement by taking part in Marketing to Women Week (Sept. 17 – 21). 

You can stand out from the crowd during the holiday season by initiating a shop local campaign that helps a woman owned business WOW! on Small Business Saturday® all because she included a special event to attract businesswomen utilizing your products and services.  By successfully helping her “raise the bar”, you will have other businesswomen who own physical businesses seeking you out throughout the holiday season and beyond to replicate your success thus exposing your business to even more local business.  Ladies you can still market online to get clients from other states and countries but it’s time to stop leaving money on the table locally.

As businesswomen we can rebuild our local economies by funneling their dollars and time to other businesswomen in our community.  The more money we make the more we will be able to eat out to support local restaurants,  take our kids to local fun parks, exhibit on a continual basis at local business events instead of just being attendees, and so much more. Instead of just being a shopper this year, make Small Business Saturday® produce revenue for your company by taking part in Marketing to Women Week (Sept.17 – 21).

Register Now for Marketing to Women Week and Begin Prepping for Small Business Saturday®.  

Marketing to Women Week will provide home-based, small and virtual businesswomen with the opportunity to brainstorm, network and collaborate to develop a marketing plan masterpiece that will help them stand out locally on Small Business Saturday® while differentiating themselves from the crowd of businesswomen in the same industry online.  Most importantly, participation won’t take them away from their business and personal obligations so they can relax and focus.

In the evenings they will network with previous participants of Small Business Saturday®, learn about Cash Mobs, discover how to set up a Live On Air Google+ Hangout to stream their Small Business Saturday® activities to YouTube for the media to pick up, identify and secure a local woman owned business to support, strategize on a hyper-local women’s news site with the look and feel of WomenPartner.org, create a count down calendar to keep them organized and much more.

Everyone that registers for Marketing to Women Week will receive over $1,000 in PR & advertising. 

  • 5 days of personal and group support to develop your custom collaborative Small Business Saturday® marketing campaign.
  • Prep support before Marketing to Women Week.
  • Premium WomenPartner.org membership for ongoing PR support; (reg. one time $129.99 fee with annual value of $500+ ) Tips on how to use your membership as a PR tool to get more female clients
  • Sponsored City Page that contains details about their local women in business market and promote their joint Small Business Saturday®  marketing campaign along with banner ad (large cities will be broken down into zip codes); ($300 annual value)
  • Hyper-local women’s news site for their local women in business market branded with the content from their City Page; ($600 annual value)
  • Inclusion in the joint PR campaign for Small Business Saturday®;
  • 100 word news promo published on the Marketing to Women Week blog;
  • & Complimentary pass for the local small business woman she is partnering with.
  • Participation is limited to 100 women.

If the idea of creating the ultimate Small Business Saturday® experience for businesswomen in your city in which they can promote, network, shop, and enjoy a great bottle of wine while you grab a generous share of the local revenue that will be flowing on the lucrative business holiday appeals to you sign up for Marketing to Women Week today.

If you want to make Small Business Saturday® produce revenue for your company this year, register today before spots for your city/Province are taken.    Email us if you have any questions.

More Info: Visit http://bit.ly/OJkDZH for more information about Marketing to Women Week and tell a friend.

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