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Caframo Wood Stove Fan Review

Homeowners who’ve a wood burning stove enjoy the benefits it offers their house to heat throughout winter season and the cool fall. Although these ranges save lots of profit heating and energy costs, people end up huddled round the range for heat rather than the heated air moving the area. If flow can be an issue along with your wood burning stove, provide a try to this fan. This little system may help heat the whole area and needs no energy.

Product Includes:

  • 8-inch blades
  •  No electrical required for operation
  •  Ready to use 650 and between 230 degrees Fahrenheit


  •  No electrical cords, batteries or extension cords needed to use
  •  Quite operation


  • temperature required for peak performance
  •  might unsuitable for heating larger areas

Our Take

Last winter was tough – inside seeking heat from our wood burning stove, nasty winter held the whole family. Although we got lots of use from the range last time, we were disappointed the range just held a specific amount of area around it comfortable and was unable to maneuver the heated air round the entire area. We chose to begin looking for methods to resolve this issue and discovered the Caframo Wood Stove Fan prior to the winter models set for this season.

This lover claims without needing any energy it may transfer the heated air in the wood burning stove round the space. We chose to go home to get a test-run and, affirmed, once the right heat was reached by the wood stove, the fan started on and served to start moving the atmosphere in the range throughout our living room.

We discovered that just the farthest regions of the area kept only a little cool, that was not just a problem. However, when the room is bigger, the little fan might most likely require some help obtain the warmer air-to feel the entire area. General, we believe it is a perfect solution for homeowners with smaller areas attempting to conserve money on winter bills and were really satisfied with all the lover.