What is WomenPartner.org?

WomenPartner.org is the answer to the question “How Do I Market My Company to Businesswomen in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney, & Every Other Major City Around the Globe Using the Local Resources Already in Place?” It creates large scale collaborative projects designed to help business and professional women cross pollinate their knowledge and contacts so they can grow their female client base.

Our latest project is an innovative hyper-glocal news network comprised of over 300 sites reduced down to one audience, women in business, covering 6 continents that will help business and professional women gather business intelligence to implement niche marketing to women campaigns with Main Street businesswomen on a global, national or local scale depending upon their business goals.

The news sites will be broken down into cities, districts, counties, zip codes, and neighborhoods. It will provide the online and offline women in business community with a central place for women to connect and look for collaborative business partners.

As WomenPartner.org takes root in metros around the globe, it will provide assistance to women owned business impacted by the turbulent economy and natural disasters by mobilizing business women to step in and help.  Women across the globe are invited to get involved our collaborative projects.

The Exciting Details!

WomenPartner.org is moving full speed ahead with it’s goal of connecting virtual and Main Street businesswomen in 2013 so they can revitalize their local communities.  They’ve launched women’s news sites for over 300 key metros to connect local women’s business communities to the global women’s marketplace to open up new profit channels.  They will report local news of interest to business and professional women while serving as a platform for them to draw attention to their products and services by submitting press releases and penning business columns that include the types of businesses they are interested in cross marketing with.

Having a place to learn about new business openings and brick & mortar businesses in other cities that would make ideal cross marketing partners as well as prospective clients is invaluable when you are working on a niche marketing campaign.

WomenPartner.org’s news sites will connect business women throughout 6 continents so they can market to each others’ female clients utilizing their current marketing streams and sharing the costs of investing in other marketing methods previously out of their price range.  Women will be able to conduct niche marketing to women campaigns narrowed down to zip codes and neighborhoods.  The news sites will provide local business organizations that have an abundant membership comprised of women with a new source of advertisers by allowing them to market their events to women in other metros as an opportunity to get their foot in the door with their members by purchasing their advertising.

Knowing about an annual women’s business conference presented by a key city 6 to 12 months in advance will provide businesswomen with enough time to gather a team of women to share the cost of participation so they can stretch their budget.

Shop Local, Business & Professional Women, Business Style, Happening, Cross Market With Me, Unemployed to Self Employed, Featured, Marketing to Women, Press Releases, and Business Organizations are main content categories on each site.   Real estate agents can pen local or metro-wide columns to attract businesswomen relocating their area.  Insurance agents can write a column to address the special needs of female business owners.  Coaches and consultants have the opportunity to write metro or network-wide business columns to strategically grow their female client base around the globe.  National conference organizers can use the sites to showcase its participants and sell more tickets.  Direct sales consultants can use the news sites to recruit nation-wide.

Learning about another city’s Chamber of Commerce special event months in advance will provide women with the opportunity to submit a pitch to speak at their event.

Content opportunities are endless.  Everything from how to market to niche audiences of women (boomers, physicians, Realtors, etc.), divorce proofing a business, taxes, incorporation, starting a business, closing a business, planning special events, dress for success for networking events, and more are suitable topics.

Finding out about an author’s book launch will provide women with the opportunity to not only invite her speak at their special event but to also provide freebies so they can piggy back on her PR.

Partnership opportunities are abundant for business people who can add value, niche content and refer their female business associates to take advantage of WomenPartner.org’s launch specials.  Front page feature spots are available for each site for the next couple of months.  The women who lock them in have the opportunity to pen a complimentary local or metro-wide business column and receive a banner ad.  The most innovative feature of the news sites is the City Pages section.  It offers business people a snapshot of a city’s women in business market along with how to market to the women that make up its business community.  The pages offers niche banner advertising.  For a list of partnering and introductory low cost advertising opportunities, contact us.

Why reinvent the marketing wheel to reach women in another city when you can team up with women who live in the city you’re targeting so they can provide first hand knowledge on the most effective way to reach their women’s business market?

A section is in place to spotlight supporters who contribute to WomenPartner.org’s development fund.  Tips on how to write an effective press release will be covered on the Press Release blog.   Advice on how to create ads that sell will be addressed on the Advertise section.  Monthly mixers for columnists and the general public to facilitate collaborative content development and networking along with the curation of dynamic content spotlighting Shop Local movements and advice for women in business rounds out the concept for WomenPartner.org’s network of news sites.

Gain access to women interested in cross marketing who can open business doors for you and connect you with their clients.

The news sites provide a ground floor PR opportunity that will make it easier for women to do business together.  The sooner you plug your business into the launch the more exposure you will get at a lower price.  There is strength in numbers.  Alone we can so little.  Together we can do so much.  — Helen Keller

Get Involved as a Sponsor or Community Partner & Grow Your Female Client Base

Plug your company into the news site WomenPartner.org is developing for your metro area.  Click here for details.