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Empowering Business People To Monetize LinkedIn Through Collaborative Business Relationships

Collaborative Business Match’s vision is to be the catalyst that changes the way business people view and use LinkedIn for business collaboration to grow their sales and support each other so they can build multi-million dollar ventures. We are partnering with the online business community to introduce a new live local event series, “Link Ups”, to spread the message about the benefits of forming collaborative marketing partnerships to monetize LinkedIn.

The “Link Up” event series was developed by collaborative business matchmaker Jerrilynn B. Thomas, founder of, to take the “pain” out of marketing on LinkedIn.  The event activities will help LinkedIn members forge collaborative business relationships that bypass the “doors” put in place to prevent them from accessing business and professional people who are outside their network. 

The complimentary events will be conducted in cities around the globe starting Spring 2017 on the first Thursday of each month.  Although the events are free, they will have a philanthropic component to help local food banks along with agencies that assist women and children.  More Info


Join our Link Up event launch committee

Partner With Us By Getting Involved In Our “Link Up” Event Launch Committee 

Collaborative Business Match is putting together a launch committee to implement a drive to sign up its first twenty City Partners to bring its “Link Up” events to life Spring 2017.  Referring associates from their online business circles is the sole purpose of the launch committee.  

We are looking for people who can successfully help us find “Link Up” leaders, aka City Partners.  As thanks for their referrals, they will be prominently incorporated into the monthly Link Up agenda as either presenters or sponsors so they can market their companies to the participants. More Info

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Partner With Us By  Leading A “Link Up” Event Series In Your City

Why use LinkedIn to sell to one person at a time when you can use it to forge lucrative collaborative business relationships that can EACH yield 10 or more sales?  Monetize your LinkedIn membership and improve your LinkedIn skills by leading a local “Link Up” for business and professional people in your area to help them improve their everyday LinkedIn skills and use the professional networking site as a collaboration tool.  

Business Benefits Of Collaborative Business Match’s Link Up Events
  • Brings neighborhood business owners together to discuss using LinkedIn, cross pollinate their connections, partner using LinkedIn in real time.
  • Brings a LinkedIn group to life without the issues of messages being held hostage by the group moderator, being spammed and enduring useless topics.
  • Makes it possible for local businesses that want to expand into other cities within their state or other geographic areas to cut through the clutter to meet viable LinkedIn members that they can partner and cross pollinate connections with.
  • Allow business and professional people to give back to their community by making monthly tax deductible donations to their local food bank in exchange for participation.

Set and keep 100% the local sponsorship and vendor fees for the events as compensation for your time. The money can be invested in your business or serve as your supplemental revenue. You can generate $500, $1000, $2000 and up per month by becoming one of our City Partners. Become the most sought after business person in your area by facilitating thousands of dollars in monthly giveaways and donations.

Collaborative Business Match will provide support in the form of step by step monthly scripted event kits; monthly mastermind group to help you plan, promote and implement “must attend” events; handle event registrations; and more so you can focus on running your business while using our “Link Up” events as a marketing tool.  More Info

LinkedIn Is A Marketing Goldmine: Just in case you don’t realize how much of a marketing goldmine LinkedIn is, check out some of its stats.  433 million members and counting; Every second 2 new people join; 44% are female business and professional women — 190,520,000.128 million members are US based; 200 countries and territories represented by members; 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn; 90% of LinkedIn users are responsible for household decisions. More stats