WomenPartner.org has numerous collaborative projects that can bring tons of exposure and lucrative contacts to the business people who partner to bring them to life.  If you are looking for a strategic way to grow your female client base in 2014, review WomenPartner.org’s current projects and request to partner.  Before you request to partner, you need to know that you have to bring something to the table — contacts, skills, etc. — to make it worthwhile.

One Million Woman Link Up

one million woman flyershotMovement and business organization launched for women who want join forces to monetize LinkedIn by building a following for their company pages.  46% of LinkedIn’s members are women.  It is a prime source of influential business women who are hidden in cluster groups unable to fully tap into the power of their membership.  Participants will cross pollinate their LinkedIn connections to build up a following for their LinkedIn Company Pages and give complimentary virtual mixers that allow them to mix and mingle with their LinkedIn connections.  Collaborate as a Partner or Ambassador to get exposure.

City Pages

Crowdsourcing project that is bringing together women from around the globe to catalogue the local marketing resources that can used to market to women in their city.  The pages will be housed on their own blog. Partner with us by filling out an interview form to provide us with info we can use to build a profile of your local women in business market.  Click here.

Women’s Advertising Club

club women partner 350WomenPartner.org is launching an advertising club, Club Women Partner, for business and professional women who want to partner to share the cost of purchasing advertising from women’s business organizations around the globe. They will be able to advertise like a Fortune 500 company BUT on a micro budget.  Dynamic joint projects like purchasing a full feature PR Wire membership to have access to editorial calendars and editors on 6 continents is one of the many ways women will benefit from joining Club Women Partner.

We are looking to expand our membership so we can grow our budget.  As thanks for referring a new member, your business profile will be published on WomenPartner.org with a photo and display ad.  Acquaint yourself with the Advertising club then contact us if you would like to refer an associate.

PR Incubators

WomenPartner.org is cultivating content for its network of 140+ women’s news bureau by conducting PR Incubators that allow the women in business community to shine a spotlight on their company, organizations they belong to, clients, and more.  The goal is to set up an incubator for each state, Province as well as select countries and industries.

Browse the links below to get a feel for what we are trying to accomplish.  We are looking for women who can work with us to fill the spots in the PR Incubator we are putting together for their state, Province or industry.  It’s an opportunity for them to earn prominent complimentary exposure and banner advertising on the news site they assist with while they develop new contacts.

PR Incubators are in the prep phase for the following areas:

Women’s News Bureaus

 WomenPartner.org’s network of women’s news bureaus will showcase the “female economy”. They will document the role business women, the organizations that support them and Shop Local movements that target them are playing in getting the global economy back on track.

One of the many business questions the news bureaus will answer is “How Can I Market My Company to Businesswomen in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney, & Every Other Major City Around the Globe Using the Local Resources Already in Place Instead of Reinventing the Marketing Wheel?”. 

It’s a simple and true fact that if a company wants to market to women in a specific metro area they should tap into the advertising opportunities provided by local business organizations and special event planners.   If you run a women’s business organization, give women’s business events, conduct coaching calls for large groups of business and professional women, WomenPartner.org wants to partner with you.  Click here for more info about partnering with us.