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Partner On Our Metropolitan Business Woman Marketing Forums

Women Partner is interested in forming alliances with women’s membership sites, local/national organizations that have female members, publications that have a large female business audience, podcasters and bloggers with a large female business audience, etc., to assist with the development of a marketing forum that showcases their local women in business market.  The in-depth events offer cross networking opportunities between women in different cities around the globe to help them build alliances to expand their female client base in each other’s metropolitan area.  It’s a great platform to showcase conferences, organizations, publications, podcasts, marketing services, advertising services and more that are metro/city centric in which participants can invest in. Contact us to discuss what’s involved.

Partner On “What Women Are Missing When It Comes To LinkedIn” Survey/Special Report

Inspired by the special report American Express puts out every year on the state of women owned businesses in the United States, Women Partner is surveying 10,000 female LinkedIn members from around the globe to create a report about how they are using the professional networking site to advance their careers and entrepreneurial ventures.

Whereas the American Express report is broken down by states and covers the 9.1 million US women’s market, the LinkedIn report will cover a community of 160+ million female members from 200 countries and 100+ business industries.

We are conducting a series of complimentary survey e-parties to interview female LinkedIn members and provide peer discussion opportunities to help women join forces to figure out how to use LinkedIn. The e-parties will provide our partners with a platform to promote their ventures.  As thanks for taking part in the survey parties, participants’ LinkedIn profile will be spotlighted in the special report.  There are so many LinkedIn members struggling with navigating the platform that it’s a win win for anyone providing access to the survey e-parties to get a “packed house”. 

Mixers can be conducted live with everyone bringing their laptops and cellphones to a local coffee house to take part in them. They can be industry specific exclusively for your target audience.  Reach out to discuss partnering on an exclusive survey e-party for your members, clients, mailing list, etc. 

Ambassador Program – One Million Woman Link Up

Business women who are passionate about partnering and using LinkedIn for business are invited to become Ambassadors for Women Partner’s One Million Woman Link Up. Activities include sharing messages on social media, creating videos, interviewing participants via Google Hangouts, hosting events, blogging, referring participants.  They will receive spotlights, introductions to participants who fit their client and or partnering specifications, inclusion in media kit, photo or logo with link published on Women Partner and more to benefit from the fruits of their labor.  If you are helping to build a movement of 1 million women, you should be able to position your business in front of them.  Fill out the Ambassador form to see if you are a fit.