One Million Woman Link Up wants to inspire more businesswomen to cross market to demonstrate their economic power.  At its essence, cross marketing is nothing more than joining forces with compatible companies so that everyone involved can more effectively capitalize on each others’ existing client base. It’s the synergistic affect from the pooling of resources to work together towards a common goal that makes cross marketing so effective.

Economic recovery will happen from the bottom up in cites around the globe through collaborative business relationships between businesswomen who wisely team up to provide consumer and business services to women while cutting their marketing and advertising costs. There are enough female entrepreneurs in the US and beyond who can join forces to increase the amount of revenue generated by the women’s business market and stimulate the growth of local economies around the globe. 

Sign our pledge to link up to show your commitment to helping your local business community thrive by cross marketing.  Share your LinkedIn or Facebook URL so that others can reach out to you.

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