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Top 3 Addiction Treatments Of 2018

Treating addicts is not at all easy. They not only need care and attention but they need proper counselling and motivation to get rid of this disease. Family is the first environment from which an addict gets motivation and support to stand against addiction. Apart from family, environment also matters a lot in helping the addicts to go towards recovery. A positive and supportive peers, community and family can help addict get a lot better quickly.

FDA recently approved a few new addiction treatments that can do wonders to cure addicts. Luxury drug rehab centers make use of the great environment and recently approved addiction treatments so that the patients can be made better efficiently and effectively.

Top 3 Addiction Treatments of 2018:

Although a number of new addiction treatments have been approved by FDA in the past year, only 3 of them could make it to the top 3 list of mine keeping in view the results, the treatment and the duration in which these treatments start showing positive effects on addicts. Below are listed these 3 addiction treatments of 2018:

  1. Probuphine:

The treatments to drug addicts are usually provided in the form of pills which can help them relieve stress, anxiety and to deal with drug dependence patients usually resist taking pills and sometimes even forget taking pills regularly. A new treatment method, probuphine is approved by FDA in which buprenorphine is implanted inside the forearm in the form of four inch rod. The benefit of this new addiction treatment is that the probuphine is supplied in low dosages constantly to the patient and so they do not have to take pills separately.

  1. Subcolade Injections:

A new addiction treatment approved by FDA is named subcolade which is injectable form of buprenorphine. It is used as a long-term maintenance drug for opioid dependence. These injections are only needed once a month and should be taken at exact timings as prescribed by the healthcare professionals. It should not be used for the detoxification of opioid.

  1. Zubsolv:

Zubsolv is a new wonder drug used for the treatment of drug addiction recently approved by FDA. It is a mixture of buprenorphine and naloxone having menthol flavor. It is put under the tongue so that it can be dissolved easily. This pill is given along with psychosocial support and proper counselling in order for it to work perfectly.