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Want To Be a Better Boyfriend? Start Here!

Great relationships take work. It’s sad that love isn’t always enough to make both sides happy, but that’s just the way things are. If you’re wondering how to be a better boyfriend and want your girl to be happy by your side, you need to pay attention to certain things.

Get to Know Your Girl

Be interested in learning more about your girl at all times. This doesn’t mean you should interview her with tons of questions, but asking inquisitive questions that may lead to personal discussion is always good. Make quality conversations with her about important things like future plans, important memories, childhood experiences, dreams, desires, and ambitions. Know her interests, her likes, dislikes, what she wants in life and what is unacceptable for her.

Show Your Sweet Side

Small acts of kindness aren’t reserved for strangers. Try to be sweet to your girlfriend. Make her day by sending her a cute message, or surprise her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers out of the blue. Actions speak volumes, so the best way to show your concern and love for her is through sweet gestures. Let her know how special she is to you and how much you care to make her happy.

Be Her Hero

Whether it’s helping her with her chores, taking care of her when she’s sick, or helping her out with a problem, always be your girlfriend’s hero. You should be the one she goes to and in whose arms she feels sheltered from the storms of life.

Be the One Who Understands

If your girl has problems with certain aspects of your relationship or life in general, be the one she confesses to. You should be your girl’s best friend and you should be understanding and patient even if something doesn’t seem logical to you. Let’s say your girl isn’t ready to meet your parents yet, or she doesn’t feel ready to get intimate with you. Talk to her about it, show concern and interest, and above all, show understanding.

Be Open to Therapy

As we said at the beginning, sometimes love just isn’t enough. Many times being patient, loving and understanding will solve the problem. But sometimes, a couple just can’t find a solution that works for both of them. Falling into these dark, empty tunnels can be very discouraging and a bad boyfriend would just give up. A great one will try to make things work, and wouldn’t mind finding new ways to keep his girlfriend. Therapy is a great way of putting things in place. It gives you new perspectives and opens up a whole new world of solutions. And for those who don’t think they have time for therapy, try eTherapy. With eTherapy, you get your relationship counseling from the comforts of your own home. One Minneapolis therapy business, now an eTherapy business primarily, has helped many couples get help while not causing them great inconveniences.

Give Her the Space She Needs

Sometimes you need to give her space so she could miss you. This isn’t a mind game, this is a simple truth. Let her have a life of her own, after all, she had one before she met you and she needs to continue doing the things the loves, even if they don’t involve you. Being too possessive and expecting your girlfriend’s whole life to be just handed out to you will lead to her feeling suffocated and missing all the good things she used to do on her own.

Be Passionate

A woman enjoys nothing more than the feeling of being desired by her man. No matter for how long the two of you have been together, never stop being passionate. Your girl needs passion and she needs it from you. Be the one that swipes her off her feet each time you two are intimate, and you can be rest assured she will be happy.